Diving Equipment- Sales & Rental


DKG Diving services LLC, Owns and have tie up with many major equipment suppliers, equipment dealers and manufactures of excellent repute, following equipment’s are available for Sale & Rental:

  • Complete Air Diving System as per IMCA DO23 & Design Documents
  • Complete 2 men and 3 men SRP diving system as per IMCA DO40 & Design Documents
  • Different sizes- chain blocks, Liver host, camalong, Triffers, Rigging, hosting and lifting gears
  • 4 Element Diving Umbilical in 100mtrs,150mtrs and 200mtrs Length
  • 3 Element Diving Umbilical in 100mtrs,150mtrs and 200mtrs Length
  • HP Air Diving Compressor with fittings (Electric and diesel both)
  • LP Air Diving Compressor with fitting and accessories
  • Complete Broco cutting and Welding Equipment’s
  • Hydraulic Grinding, Cutting and Drilling machine
  • Hydraulic Power Pack Electric and Diesel Both.
  • Diving basket with Emergency air cylinder
  • LARS (Launch and Recovery system)
  • NDT equipment (MPI Unit, CP meter, UT meter)
  • Underwater Light and Camera for Helmet
  • Underwater still camera and torch
  • Deck Decompression Chamber
  • Underwater comms & CCTV system
  • 2 & 3 Divers Air Diving penal
  • 2 & 3 Divers Communication System
  • Mix gas Diving Panel
  • Hydraulic Impact wrench
  • Pneumatic tools, needle gun etc.
  • Diving helmet KM37, KMB28, KMB18
  • Zodiac Boat with outboard motor
  • Welding Generator Electric, Diesel and Petrol
  • HP Water JET, Dry Grit system
  • Air Lift / Mud Lift, Air lifting Bags
  • Main riding winch and turgor
  • Diesel and Electric Generator
  • Visual Inspections Equipment
  • Vessel Inspection Equipment and Specialize Personal Diving gears
  • Diving equipment consumable, spare and accessories

We are Diving Equipment Suppliers in India. The key element that ensures safe and pleasurable diving experiences is our diving equipment. Aqualung or a rebreather are examples of diving equipment.

Our SRP diving system is designed to enhance the client's diving experience by making it more convenient and enjoyable. The providers offer this diving equipment at rates that are in line with the most recent market needs.

As a dealer of Diving Equipment For Sale, we have a well-known reputation. Construction, iron & steel, petrochemicals, and the pharmaceutical industries are just a few of the sectors where our goods are extremely important.

With the assistance of our qualified personnel and utilising the highest-quality materials, we precisely create these goods in-house using cutting-edge technology. We also offer diving equipment for rental.

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