Diving Training – National & International standards


We provide all sort of diving training and for that :-

We have set up a dedicated staff to help Personal Interested in diving courses and fresher to complete their top up courses, reassessments, NDT and other specific courses through our tie-ups with various International Diving School accepted by IMCA. All the formality, right from the booking candidate’s seat to arranging their visa and ticketing are arrange by us.

Before sending candidates for the course in the IMCA approved Diving School, we arrange preparatory training for the student to get them familiar with diving equipment and other requirements for the course. Some of courses arranged by us but not included all are: - Air/Saturation Diving Supervisors, Saturation divers, Air divers and other specific courses for the divers e.g., NDT (Non-Destructive Testing), DMT (Diving Medical Technicians), Welding, Dive Electrical Technicians, Dive Mechanical Technicians, Life Support Supervisors, Life Support Technicians, Diving System Auditor, IOGP Client site Representative etc.

We also take on the onus to provide them with jobs on many of our ongoing projects in India, Middle East and South East Asia, after successful completion of their courses.


Our people are the biggest asset of the company. Presently we hold the data base of more than 3500 peoples of different categories as we supply to our prestigious Clients. We are available 24/7 to give our best services and we can provide complete team of diving personnel at short notice for any kind of diving operation.

Some of diving personal we supply, but not included all are as mentioned below: -

  • Diving - IMCA Approved Diving Personnel -Saturation Dive Superintendent/Supervisors, HSE/IMCA Part – II Divers (Sat Divers), HSE/IMCA Part- I Divers (Air Divers), NDT Divers, DMT Divers, Welder Divers, Dive Technicians (Electrical/Mechanical), Life Support Supervisor / Technicians (LSS / LST), IOGP Approved Client Site Representative, Projects Manager, Report Co Coordinator, Data Coordinator, CSWIP 3.4U Underwater Inspection Controller, Field Engineers, Diving System Auditor, ROV Supervisors, ROV Pilots and ROV Technicians. We are manning complete Diving Operations with Diving Equipment, Consumable, Diving Personnel and Other Designations for the Client supplied DP Vessels and Barges.
  • Offshore - Installation & Barge Superintendent, Marine Advisors, Base Manager, Project Manager, Barge Master, Pipeline Engineer, Senior Planner, Barge Foreman, Anchor Forman, Rigging & Painting Forman ,Crane Operator, Surveyor, QA & QC, Chief Electrician, Senior Mechanics, Safety Officer, Welding Engineer, Technical Supervisors, Drilling Consultant, Supervisors, Carpenter Electrician, Rigger, Welder, Fitter, Scaffold, Painter, Ware houseman, Surface NDT Drilling Crews, Medics, Catering crew etc.

We offer Diving Services in Dubai as well as a comprehensive diving & marine support service for the oil & gas, maritime, and inshore & offshore civil engineering sectors.

We provide a variety of services, such as emergency response teams, remotely operated vehicles for pipeline assessments, and diver assistance and jack-up vessels.

Our effective and affordable Diving Training Services are provided. On-site temporary repairs are made to the vessel to ensure its security and safety. Our mission is to dominate the undersea services industry and provide our clients with efficient and cutting-edge solutions to fully satisfy their needs.

Our skilled divers are certified by the Association of Diving Contractors and have a proven track record of safety. They also possess the mechanical abilities necessary to do maintenance work for all of your underwater requirements safely and effectively.

When projects change and adjustments are needed, our staff can adapt quickly to suit the demands of our clients while still ensuring that the job is done safely and on schedule.

Underwater hull cleaning is done to get rid of biological debris or fouling. Marine fouling accumulation can increase drag and hurt a vessel's hydrodynamic performance.

The most cost-effective way to save fuel expenses and avoid equipment maintenance. For a variety of diverse Underwater diving Services in UAE, we provide a quick response team of trained class-recognised welders.

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