Offshore (Oil And Gas) Diving and ROV Services


We Provide Following Offshore Diving and ROV Services, but not included all:

  • Installation of Platforms, Jackets, BOP, Conductors, Wellhead, Protectors and Riser.
  • Installation of Bow Strings, Barge bumpers, Boat Landing, Riser clamp & Protector Guards.
  • Installation of Anode, I. Tube, J. Tube, Sump cation etc. and IRM Servicers for the above.
  • Pre-Engineering Survey for the Installation and Modification of Existing Platforms, Jackets and other Subsea Structures.
  • Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) of all Offshore Structures.
  • Pipeline midline tie-in and installation of smart flanges, griper and spool piece.
  • Metrology, hydra tight and excavation up to 48” inch pipeline.
  • Installation of mattress and sleepers to support the pipeline.
  • Installation of Cofferdam, Habitat and Net guards.
  • As built and post construction Survey.
  • Marine growth removal and inspection.
  • Pipeline crossings and support system installation
  • We provide Following class of ROV and Services
  • Observation Class ROV’s: Capable of conducting wide range of operations including diver support, jacket Inspection, environmental sampling and touchdown Monitoring.
  • Light Work Class ROV’s: Capable of conducting wide range of operations including Survey, Inspection, Environment Sampling, Drill support and Light Construction.
  • Work Class ROV’s: For operations in deep and ultra-deep-water depths. Undertake a wide variety of survey, construction and drilling support operations.

We provide Offshore Services in UAE as one of the leading companies. Our qualified specialists carry out this job with the aid of top-notch equipment and cutting-edge technologies.

Our experts do offshore Diving Services in UAE in the best way possible after checking all the quality aspects related to it. We provide this service following the demands of our customers. Additionally, our clients strongly value the supplied service's promptness and cost-effectiveness attributes.

Our company is providing a broad variety of ROV Diving Services with an in-depth understanding of the industry. Additionally, the provided services are provided to our valued clients at very affordable rates and provide the best offshore diving job possible according to their demands.

We offer our efficient and reasonably priced service on-site or at the accident site. To protect the vessel's security and safety, temporary repairs are conducted on-site. Our goal is to lead the subsea services sector and offer our customers innovative, cost-effective solutions that completely meet their demands.

Whether it is new construction or the repair of existing infrastructure, our divers have the expertise and equipment required to complete a project to a high standard. Because we have access to one of the largest fleets of inland marine construction equipment, no task is too big or too little for us to tackle.

We are one of the prime Offshore Marine companies in UAE. Our divers can repair steel, concrete, and other forms of underwater structures even when there is little to no visibility. Customers contact us from all over the world to receive comprehensive solutions that include initial analysis, design, implementation, project management, and quality assurance.

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