U/W Services for Civil, Marine & Offshore Construction


Diving Services for Civil , Marine and Offshore Construction Provided by us, but not restricted to all, are as mentioned below: -

  • Jetty, Harbor, Port, Dry-dock, Sleep way, Marinas and Breakwater Construction, Inspection, Repair and Maintenance.
  • Construction of Quay Wall, Sea wall, Concreting, Screeding and Placing of Block, Rocks, Stabit Tetra Pods, Core Rock and Armoring.
  • Underwater Cleaning, Drilling, Jack Hammering, Plastering, Painting and Rock Excavation by Drilling and Control Blasting.
  • Underwater Dredging, Demolition, Diamond Cutting, Salvage and Wreck Removal.
  • Installation of shark net and gravity retaining walls for bubble barrier.
  • Installation, Inspection, Repair and maintenance of Navigational, Mooring and Marking buoys.
  • Installation of pile jackets (steel and HDPE) and apply of den so tap on piles.
  • Inspection, Cutting and Removal of sheet piles.
  • Placing of Geomat/textile and Gabin mattress on the seabed.
  • Underwater Airlifting, High Pressure Water Jetting, Grit Blasting.
  • Welding, Bolting and Fixing of Anodes and Clamps bolting.
  • Coral Fragmentation and Construction of Artificial Island, Land Reclamation, Revetments, Causeways, Shore and Beach Protection.
  • Water fountain, Indoor and tidal pool Cleaning and Inspection, repair and maintenance of underwater structure.
  • Boat ramp, Link Span Construction, Underwater Debry Removal, Clearance Measurement and Water Proofing.
  • Water Reservoir, Artificial lakes and Canal Cleaning and Inspection.
  • Bridge Pier Inspection, Repair and maintenance.
  • Underwater Searching, Recovery of Anchor and Salvage of Sluice Gate on the Ports, Wreck and Sunken Structures.
  • Seabed Leveling and underwater grouting.
  • Underwater Welding, Cutting, Photography and Videography works.
  • Repair of dams and structure by RCC and epoxy with depointing work on Dams wall.

Our reputation in the industry for providing Underwater services for construction is excellent. This service may be used for huge water areas to regulate water flow and store enormous amounts of water. To provide the best construction services, we employ appropriate civil engineering-based methodologies.

We can also fix steel buildings that are submerged. Our skilled divers can remove or fix steel structures including pipelines, gate structures, trash racks, outfalls, etc. using specialised tools like underwater saws, torches, and welders.

A group of professionals with extensive expertise in several fields provides these services. For the completion of the task, we employ the finest and most modern methods. These services may be used in a variety of business areas, including maritime and construction.

Our divers have the necessary skills and tools to finish a high-quality project, whether it is new construction or the restoration of existing infrastructure. No job is too big or too little for us to handle because we have access to one of the largest fleets of inland marine construction equipment.

In situations with little to no visibility, our divers can fix steel, concrete, and other types of underwater structures. We are also capable of doing deep dives that call for a decompression chamber, hot-water dives, polluted environment dives, and cold-water dives. Our divers are skilled in laying concrete underwater. Precast, cast-in-place, and preplaced aggregate concrete are all examples of this.

Furthermore, we offer our workforce based on the demands and requirements of our clients to provide the finest solution.

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