U/W Services for NDT Work, Inspection & Survey


Diving Services for Inspection, Survey and NDT work Provided by us, but not restricted to all, are as mentioned below: -

  • Pre-Engineering Survey for the Installation and Modification of existing Platforms, Jackets and other subsea structures.
  • UWILD / Class Survey / Inspection and NDT work for Rigs /Barges/Vessels/Floaters for ABS, DNV GL, BV, IRS, TASNEEF, NK, RINA, KR, LR and RUSSIAN CLASS
  • NDT Inspection and Survey of Rigs, Vessel, Floaters, Platforms, Jackets and all Offshore Structures.
  • Close Visual Inspection of Rigs, Vessel, Floaters, Platforms, Jackets and all offshore Structures.
  • Baseline Inspection of Platforms, Jackets, Mooring chain, Cable and Pipeline.
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Alternative Current Field Measurements (ACFM) Inspection of Welds on the Platforms, Jackets, Jacob Rigs, Vessels and other Floaters.
  • FMD (Flooded Members Detection) and ED (Eddy Current) Inspection.
  • Thickness Measurement of Plates of Subsea Structure using UT meter.
  • Cathodic Protection (using Anode & Paint) and Measurement using CP meter.
  • Some of other Inspection and Survey covered by us: -Vessel and Floaters On and Off hire Surveys , Vessel and Floaters Pre and Post Purchase Survey , Damage Assessment Survey , Annual Surveys , Intermediate Surveys , Special Periodical Surveys , Continue Surveys , In-line Surveys , Dry-Dock Surveys , Tail Shaft Surveys , New Ownership Surveys , Insurance survey , Pipeline and Cable Route Surveys , Seabed Survey , Scour Survey , Debry Surveys , Pre-Rig Move Site Surveys , Cathodic Protection Surveys , UXO & Geo Hazard Clearance Surveys , ROV and Hydrographic Survey , Rigs, MODU and Fixed Platform Inspection and Surveys , Rig legs, Mud mat , Spud can Inspection and Survey , Pipeline Inspection and Surveys , Offshore Vessel and Floaters underwater Inspection and Surveys , Riser, Platforms and Jackets Construction Surveys , Marine Growth Monitoring and Surveys , Pipeline Sonar Survey

Our business is renowned for providing dependable and client-focused underwater inspection services. These Underwater Services for Inspection satisfy a variety of needs in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Furthermore, we provide similar services to the maritime sector for a variety of inspection and maintenance tasks.

Our team is made up of highly skilled specialists and surveyors that collaborate closely to complete Diving Services for Inspection.

Our unwavering commitment to providing the highest calibre helps us maintain our current standing and grow our clients. To assist our colleagues and clients in thriving their enterprises, we put our attention on raising service standards by mastering the engineering arts.

Using its robotic platforms, we offer underwater inspections of maritime assets such as tanks, wells, pipelines, and more. For completing complete colour inspection in zero visibility underwater circumstances, we developed NDT Inspection Services in UAE and submersible cameras and robotic platforms with high-intensity white light LEDs. Now, we can do sonar-based checks in murky, dark water as well.

To improve productivity, and efficiency, reduce execution time, eliminate risk to human life, and maintain a cost-effective solution to problems that have limited or no solutions using classical methods. We offer specialised Underwater Damage Assessment Surveys to various public and private sector organisations.

We have made great gains and carved out a position for ourselves in the market thanks to our commitment to lifelong learning, which is underpinned by deep industry expertise and NDT Inspection Services in Dubai. Customers from all around the world get in touch with us to get complete solutions that cover initial analysis, design, implementation, project management, and quality assurance.

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