Diving Equipment

  • 2 x 2 Complete Surface Supplied Diving System (DKG/SSDS-01 & DKG/SSDS-02) - Fully comply with IMCA DO23 Rev-01 –DESIGN for surface oriented (Air) diving system. Which includes :- Containerized 60” Dia twin lock air chamber, 3 Diver Air/Mix gas diving panel with CCTV system, 2 X Launch and recovery system with Hydraulic power pack , 2 X SS Diving Basket with emergency air storage cylinders , 2 X 4 element Umbilical ,Diving personal equipment, HP Air storage 2 X 16 and 3 X 12 cylinders HP air quads 200 bar, 1 x 12 HP cylinders medical oxygen quad and machinery container with 2 X HP and 1 X LP compressor with associated fittings, Hydraulic power pack for hydraulic tool and 8 Cylinders Air quad.
  • 2 X 2 Diver SRP Diving system (DKG /SRP-01 and DKG /SRP -02) - Fully comply with IMCA D040 Rev- 01 – DESIGN for portable/ Mobile surface supplied system. Which includes :- Portable surface supply system with high pressure air storage 2 X 2 , 50 ltrs HP cylinders 200 bar, 2 Divers diving control panel with CCTV system , 2 X 100 mtrs 4 element Umbilical, Divers personal equipment and 1 X Zodiac boat with OBM.
  • 2 X 3 Divers SRP Diving system (DKG /SRP-03 and DKG /SRP -04) .Fully comply with IMCA D040 Rev- 01 – DESIGN for portable/ Mobile surface supplied system. Which includes :- Portable surface supply system and high pressure air storage with 3 X 2 , 50 ltrs HP cylinders 200 bar, 3 Divers dive control panel with CCTV system , 3 X 150 mtrs 4 element Umbilical, Divers personal equipment and 1 X zodiac boat with OBM .
  • Equipment available for sale and rental - Complete Air Diving System as per IMCA DO23 & Design Documents , Complete 2 men and 3 men SRP diving system as per IMCA DO40 & Design Documents , Different sizes- chain blocks, Liver host, camalong, Triffers, Rigging, hosting and lifting gears , 4 Element Diving Umbilical in 100mtrs,150mtrs and 200mtrs Length , 3 Element Diving Umbilical in 100mtrs,150mtrs and 200mtrs Length ,HP Air Diving Compressor with fittings (Electric and diesel both) ,LP Air Diving Compressor with fitting and accessories ,Complete Broco cutting and Welding Equipment’s , Hydraulic Grinding, Cutting and Drilling machine , Hydraulic Power Pack Electric and Diesel Both ,Diving basket with Emergency air cylinder , LARS (Launch and Recovery system) , NDT equipment (MPI Unit, CP meter, UT meter) ,Underwater Light and Camera for Helmet ,Underwater still camera and torch ,Deck Decompression Chamber ,Underwater comms & CCTV system , 2 & 3 Divers Air Diving penal , 2 & 3 Divers Communication System ,Mix gas Diving Panel ,Hydraulic Impact wrench ,Pneumatic tools, needle gun etc. ,Diving helmet KM37, KMB28, KMB18 ,Zodiac Boat with outboard motor ,Welding Generator Electric, Diesel and Petrol ,HP Water JET, Dry Grit system ,Air Lift / Mud Lift, Air lifting Bags ,Main riding winch and turgor ,Diesel and Electric Generator , Visual Inspections Equipment ,Vessel Inspection Equipment and Specialize Personal Diving gears ,Diving equipment consumable, spare and accessories
  • We also provide Saturation Diving system, Inspection and work class ROV and Hydrographic Survey equipment as per client requirement.

Project Equipment

Our project equipments are as mentioned below.

  • 2 X Complete set of NDT Equipment which includes Cygnus UT meters, Buckley’s CP meter, Electromagnet, Permanent magnet and complete MPI unit.
  • 3 X complete set of underwater Brocco cutting and welding equipment. Which includes Welding DC Generator - 400 amps , Knife Switch, Broco Cutting and welding torch (BR22 ,BR20) , Oxygen hose , U/W welding cable 100 mtrs with both ends lugs , Underwater Welding Electrodes , Underwater Boroco Cutting Rodes 3/8" , Surface cutting tools, +100 mtrs welding cable+ 100 mtrs earthing cable terminated standard reusable fittings , Regulator for cutting & welding.
  • Hydraulic tools with power pack which includes : Underwater Impact wrench, socket, Grinder , 9" Grinder disc above GR29 , 9" cutting disc above GR29, Stainly tools drill hammer and drill for above HD45. We also have all pneumatic and hands tools required for the project.
  • Other equipments which are available in our warehouse are Dry grit system , Main riding winch /Tuggers ,Diesel and Electric Generator ,Hydra tightening Equipment , HP water jet ,Mud lifts , Air lift bags, Different sizes Chain blocks , Liver Host , Comalong ,Trifor and all Rigging ,hosting and lifting gears.


Our people are big asset for the Company. Presently we hold the database of more than 2500 peoples of different categories as mentioned in our crew management services. We are at your service 24/7 and our flexible approach means we can provide complete crew for any kind of Diving, Martine and Offshore projects. Some of crew we supply by us, but not included all are as mentioned below: -

  • Diving - Bell Diving Superintendent /Supervisors, Air Diving Superintendent / Supervisors, Diving System Auditor, OGP approved client site Diving Representative, Air and Saturation Divers, NDT Divers, Diver Medics, Project & Report coordinators, Life Support Supervisors, Life Support Technicians, ALST, Inspection Engineer  and 3.4U underwater inspection controller etc.
  • Marine - Master, Chief Officers, 2nd, 3rd Officers, Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, ERO, technical and non- technical crew for Deck and Engine Room.

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