U/W Services for Pipeline, Power plant, SBM/SPM


Diving Services for Pipeline ,Power plant , SBM/SPM Provided by us, but not restricted to all, are as mention below :-

  • Installation, Refurbishment and Replacement of Power plant, Pipeline, Intakes, Filters and Subsea Screen.
  • Installation, Replacement and Refurbishment of Chlorination and Aeration Pipeline.
  • Construction, Modification, Inspection and Maint. of Power Station.
  • Cleaning, Inspection, Repair and Maintenance of Power plant Pipeline, Intake pit/tank, Filters, Screen, Seawater and Fire Pump Suction.
  • Assessment, Upgrading and Refurbishment of Desalination Plant and Reinforcement of Dock wall intake and filters.
  • Seawater oil boom Installation, Cleaning and Maintenance.
  • Diving Assist for Trenching, Laying and Backfilling/Burial of Pipeline.
  • Pipeline Plug, Clamp, Connector installation and Touchdown Monitoring, Route Survey and Damage Assessment.
  • Installation, Inspection, Repair, Maintenance of GRP, HDPE, Concrete coated steel and Subsea Flexible Pipe and Flow line.
  • Cathodic Protection (Anode & Paint) & Measurement using CP meter.
  • Pipeline ERP (Emergency Repair) Operations
  • Diving Support for Submarine Fiber Optic Cable laying Operations.
  • SBM/SPM and PLEM Installation & Maintenance, MGR and NDT.
  • SBM/SPM Auxiliary Inspection, Buoy & Chain Inspection, Subsea Hose Inspection, Anchors Set-up, angle & tension check and complete replacement as per client requirement.
  • SBM/SPM Underwater Survey, Inspection and Maintenance of - Buoy Hull, Cathodic Potential, Submarine Hose, Measurement of Mooring Chain Angles, Mooring Chains, Hose String Makeup, Mooring and De Mooring Assistance and Hydrostatic Pressure test of Floating and Submarine Hoses
  • SBM/SPM Above water Survey, Inspection and Maintenance of - Buoy Hull, Deck House, Navigational Aids, Auto Greasing System, Safety Equipment’s, SBM Product Piping, Water Tight Compartment, Battery Compartment, Bilges Pump, Mooring Facilities, Telemetry System and GPS Location.
  • NDT, Class and Third-party survey of the Buoy, PLEM, Subsea Hose and Chains with Reporting.

To our esteemed clients, we are sworn to offering flawless Diving Services for Pipeline. We provide the contractual obligations with the utmost consideration and adjust our services accordingly. Customers also prefer these services because of their low costs, prompt implementation, and consistency. These services are provided under the direction of knowledgeable staff.

A group of professionals with extensive expertise in several fields provides these services. For the completion of the task, we employ the finest and most modern methods. These services may be used in a variety of business areas, including maritime and construction.

Additionally, to provide Underwater Services for Pipeline, we provide our workforce with the demands and requirements of the clients.

Our dedication to continual learning, which is supported by in-depth industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology, has helped us achieve remarkable success and carve out a niche for ourselves in the market. Customers contact us from all over the world to receive comprehensive solutions that include initial analysis, design, implementation, project management, and quality assurance.

These services are developed by professionals with extensive industry experience who use cutting-edge technology to deliver them as requested by clients. We have amassed a sizable following across the entire nation as a result of our good behaviour, sound business practices, and reasonable prices.

Our qualified specialists carry out this job with the aid of top-notch equipment and cutting-edge technologies. The offered service is delivered superbly. Additionally, our customers may use this service at a very affordable fee.

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