Underwater Services for Shipping and Marine

Diving and Underwater Services is the core activity of the company. We are fully equipped to provide a comprehensive range of Diving Services to Undertake any kind of underwater work. Our teams are led by highly talented and industry experts people and supported by very competent personnel, trained to meet International standards and Certified by HSE UK and IMCA UK etc. Diving and Underwater Services provided by us, but not restricted to, are as mentioned below: -


We provide following diving services to Shipping and Marine Industry , but not included all:

  • UWILD / Class / General Survey / Inspection and NDT Work of Vessels, Barges, Rigs, Floaters and fix Platforms for all Major Classification Societies like ABS, DNV GL, BV, IRS, TASNEEF, NK, RINA, KR, LR and RUSSIAN Class.
  • Underwater Cleaning and Inspection of Ships Hull, Sea chest, Sensors, Thrusters, Rudders and Propellers.
  • Underwater Repair and Maintenance of Ship’s Hull, Sea Chest, Sensors, Rudders, Thrusters and Propellers.
  • Underwater Propeller Cleaning, Polishing, Changing, Removing and Fixing.
  • Underwater Blanking, Unblanking and Replacement of ICCP, Anode and Rope Cutter etc.
  • Underwater Rudder and Propeller Inspection & Shaft Clearance.
  • Inspection and Replacement of Speed log and Echo Sounder.
  • Underwater Inserting plate, Cofferdam, Hole patching, Fixing, Epoxy repair and Water proofing.
  • Removing of Entanglement from Propeller and Rudder.
  • Vessel Commissioning, Launching, Beaching, Hauling and Dry-Docking Services.
  • Underwater Photography, Videography and CCTV Inspection.
  • NDT Work (CVI, MPI, CP, UT) for Vessels, FPSO, Floaters, Rigs and Platforms.
  • Cathodic Protection of Vessels, Rigs and Other Floaters.
  • Underwater Cutting, Welding, Videography and still Photography.

DKG Diving Services is an international company that can help with all of your ship's needs in key ports around the world by providing the resources of respected diving, repair, and supply stations. We offer comprehensive underwater services for shipping.
From the first point of contact to project completion, we make sure the highest level of craftsmanship is upheld during all diving operations, providing comments and advice along the way. When verifying contractors, we make every effort to follow industry standards and implement stringent safety requirements to ensure safe and responsible underwater services for marine.

We have everything we need to offer a wide variety of diving services for any type of underwater job. Our teams are managed by people with exceptional skills and industry knowledge, and they are assisted by highly capable staff. We are one of the underwater diving companies in UAE.

Its access to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products and solutions, along with its industry-specific product training programmes, enables it to provide technical maritime support and solutions when clients need them most, all the while ensuring a high standard of service and commercial diving gear.

We are a prime Marine Services Company Dubai. Customers have come to rely on its creative thinking, ability to think outside the box and handling of warranty claims.

We provide Commercial Underwater Cleaning Services that are carried out by skilled and licenced specialists. We can deliver a safe, dependable, and affordable underwater service thanks to product development and method development in collaboration with significant Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Our highly qualified staff, together with cutting-edge technology and equipment, has years of experience providing underwater services and technical expertise.

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